Turtle's Laurel Hotel
Restaurant & Bar


Turtle Hamilton
Executive Director


Customer feedback is valuable to us as a small business. People rely heavily on Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations when deciding where to eat. Our customers provide feedback that frequently praises our friendly staff, great food, reasonable prices, and buffet. We take customer feedback and requests in consideration when making decisions to expand our menu selection and improve the quality of our restaurant, food, and service. We do our best to satisfy our customers! 

Debbie T.

My son & I were out at Haspin Acres last weekend -- the Laurel Hotel dinning is out of this world. The Olde hotel has been an quite place with "Great food, super salad bar, huge cheeseburger's, homemade pizza's, & mouth watering homemade cheesecake !!

Martin C.

Mostly famous for the Seafood & Country Buffet but also have a menu including steaks. Generous salad bar with a variety of compliments & dressings.

Not a huge fan of Indiana seafood but the fried fish was excellent. They also have crab legs, peel and eat shrimp, fried shrimp, fried clams and frog legs. Enjoyed the fried chicken, green beans and the homemade chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. 3 kinds of pie.
They serve Coke products & alcoholic beverages.

Family style dining rooms very large room in back.

Adjoining bar has booths & tables and there's a little more intimate than the dining rooms.

Christine W.

Stopped for dinner on a Sunday evening, the food was very good and the service was attentive. The pies were excellent.

Mary Ann C.

Great variety on buffets. The fried chicken is very nicely prepared!

Richard B.

Great foods and great atmosphere. Seafoods to Southern Style and steaks and a large assortment of desserts. Interesting place to eat along the rail route between Connersville and Metamora, Indiana. Good for romantic meals and large family dinners. Meals were served hot and delicious and the staff were also right there for your every needs.

Mia M.

...It's worth the drive and the possible buckshot injuries to get yourself to the Laurel Hotel for their Friday and Saturday buffet. You can choose from either the Country Buffet... or the Seafood Buffet... There's really not a huge difference between the two... There's still a variety of seafood (mostly of the fried variation) on the Country Buffet.

The chicken and dumplings are worth the price alone. Filling, flavorful and homemade... can't beat that. There's green beans, mashed potatoes, pan-fried chicken... just like you remember Grandma making them. In fact, this whole place kind of smells like Grandma's. Comfort food, old stuff and just a hint of mothballs. It's very clean, though, and the waitress we had, Terry, was very helpful in explaining buffet protocol. We left very satisfied... drove right home and went to sleep on account of the food coma. We'll go again, I'm sure.

Apparently you can also take the scenic Whitewater Valley Railroad from Connersville to Laurel in order to eat there. I'd almost suggest that over driving, as State Road 121 is nothing short of treacherous.

Mary P.

Family like atmosphere. Represents the Franklin County experience.

Mike N.

Good Food. Nice atmosphere!

Chris W.

everything that I've eaten there so far has been awesome I give it 5 out of 5 stars well done guys keep up the great work

Sharon L. 

Went for a Thanksgiving meal and it was fantastic! We're anxious to make the long drive again soon. We were impressed!

Wendi H. 

Great atmosphere and awesome service! Daily specials are yummy!

Lisa A.

the country buffet was great and the staff was wonderfull

Anita G.

Took my Mom to Turtles today the food was Awesome and the service was excellent will return in the future.

Great food, great atmosphere, great time!